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Brexit: still a rebus for companies

Law No. 41 of 20 May 2019 converted the so-called Brexit Decree No. 22 of 25 March 2019, containing urgent measures to be applied in the event of failure by the United Kingdom to ratify, by 31 October 2019, the agreement for withdrawal from the European Union approved by the European Council on 25 November 2018. From the point of view of indirect and direct taxation, the measure sets out an internal regulatory requirement which, however, will have to be implemented from time to time by means of a Ministerial Decree. Nevertheless, the tax procedures with which companies will have to deal with Brexit are still very uncertain, also due to the growing uncertainty of the British political situation, which suggests that the possibility for the U.K. exit without an agreement, i.e., the so-called no deal or hard Brexit, is still possible.


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